Innovac Scientific has been operating a state of the art R&D and manufacturing facility in Austria and United Kingdom. Molecular products are manufactured under good manufacturing processes (GMP). We have an expert team of scientists dedicated to best practices in quality and design control. They produces a growing portfolio of molecular tests for infectious diseases including bacterial infections, hepatitis viruses and tropical diseases.


We provide a unique approach to customer focused requirements. In our activities, we are directed by highly individual approach to the expectations of our customers. A variety of product labelling standards, including RUO, IUO, ASR, CE and IVD, are developed and released under the appropriate design control processes and launched per country specific regulatory requirements.


Innovac Scientific has built a strong reputation for exceptional customer care by working with its valuable customers all over the world to provide faster customer service and higher customer satisfaction. We offer technical assistance for diagnostic sample preparation tools and training Lab Staff on Real Time PCR Techniques. We are dedicated to work with our customers – researchers, clinicians and patients – to help them meet their individual needs.


Innovac Scientific Diagnostic Products is one of the leaders in molecular diagnostics, offering a wide range of products and services in the field of medical testing. We have a unique capacity in people and technology to provide innovative, cost-effective, timely and reliable solutions in biomedical research and laboratory diagnostics.


Innovac Scientific identifies new opportunities in the current molecular diagnostic field and provides key innovative solutions. We are continuously engaged in improving our current assays and developing new assays by employing creative strategies to stay ahead in the diagnostic field.